ABC Consultants

ABC Consultants - Design and Online Branding

A lot can happen when an industry stalwart decides to seek a new identity, rebrand and go digital. Over 45 years of leadership in the recruitment space led ABC Consultants to reflect deeply on how to stay relevant amidst a flood of employment portals, job searches and online recruitment businesses. Reinventing the organization required structural changes in business and discarding its archaic, industrial branding. Equally important was communicating to clients and the industry at large, that in a fast paced frenzied world of faceless online job searches, ABC’s people centric, relationship oriented business model had no substitute.

The new abc website helped reinvent the organization’s brand and highlight a proposition that everyone knew but no one talked about as a strength. It brought to focus that there were people behind resumes and behind hiring desks and that job placement was not always the impersonal transaction that it had been reduced to. The creative concepts on the website highlighted the organization’s key strength: its capability to nurture long term relationships, search deep, build candidate confidence and guide them toward fulfilling careers. ABC Consultants’ long term and comprehensive understanding of the cultural DNA of recruiting organizations put it at a clear advantage for match making candidates and businesses, which yielded successful recruitment outcomes for both sides.

The development of the website also involved exhaustive content building to showcase the organization’s strength across numerous sectors. We interviewed industry consultants from the organization across cities to capture insights into talent management opportunities and challenges across industries. Post launch, Woodapple focused upon building traffic to the website doubling numbers through a comprehensive marketing plan that involved optimizing the website , creating suitable metatags & keywords, writing relevant seo articles to populate numerous blog sites and online directories. It also helped set up the SMO program for the brand, with special campaign management for high visibility events like McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 race.