Event marketing and Online presence for Apparel Exports Body (AEPC)

The Indian textile and apparel industry is amongst the largest in the world, with an enormous raw material and manufacturing base. Apparel exports grew from US$ 9.69 billion in 2007-08 to US$ 13.73 billion in 2011-12 (which accounts for 4.48 per cent of India’s total exports in 2011-12). The Apparel Export Promotion Council is amongst the flagship councils that markets India’s apparels and textile products via buyer-seller meets across New York, London, Denmark, Tokyo, Australia, Chile & more such global fashion hubs. It is keenly marketing India as a leading ‘Fabric to fashion’ destination, promoting cities like New Delhi as an ideal meeting point for international buyers and business heads of major global brands who are scouting for top notch Indian suppliers and exporters.

Woodapple’s digital marketing & PPC campaigns have radically changed the way the council attracts visitors to its leading fairs today (IIGF & Textrends). It replaced a battery of telemarketers who were until now calling up prospective buyers individually, one-to-one, the traditional way. While there is no substitute for personalized relationships which senior council members who routinely travel abroad to international fairs, enjoy with old buyers, a large band of new buyers are now coming through internet marketing alone. There has been a year-on-year jump in number of online registrations for the events, testifying to the resounding success of new age digital campaigns.