Identity Design, Online Strategy for COAI

Instituted in 1995, over the years COAI has emerged as the official voice for the Indian telecom industry, interacting directly with Ministries, Policy Makers, Regulators, Financial Institutions and Technical Bodies. By the year 2012, the organization was looking at expanding its eco-system to include all relevant players associated with Mobile Voice and Data communication industry in India, thereby highlighting its increasing focus on the Mobile Technology factor. It wanted its new corporate identity to reflect the rapid emerging era of convergence with its amalgamation of Voice, data, Broadband, Entertainment and Financial Inclusion.

While the creative pitch ideation threw up radically bold options, COAI wanted something to be retained from the old logo, so that the essence of the original organization identity might not be lost altogether. Woodapple proposed a new design that retained the idea of the honeycomb symbolizing the network of cellular spaces while extending it to a concept of a speech bubble symbolizing COAI’s crucial role as the voice of the telecom industry.

The media responded positively to the new brand identity that represents COAI’s transition from a dominant voice to a dominant data environment and a converging mobility business which calls for a more inclusive approach to the entire sector.

Along with the new Logo, the new website was launched with a simple, intuitive and elegant UI that extended the new identity to an altogether very different user experience of the brand. Every visual element, information piece, every page and the site’s overall usability and navigation marked a categorical shift away from the old website transforming a long standing struggle to delightful digital experience.

Site in built on Teamworks 11.0 server edition content management system.

Ever since the launch of the site, there has been a huge jump in traffic and activity. Website is actively being used to access recent information and latest reports about the mobile telecom industry.

  • 72, 842 visits on the website
  • 8,261 users downloaded the data
  • 31,982 downloads (pdf, xls, doc)

New media plan is being developed to increase visibility and expand reach of the website.

“Together the cells represent the industry and its components, the voice of the industry and the inclusion of all players big and small in the emerging converging eco-system. The graphic as a ‘speech bubble’ represents leadership through social & economic inclusion. As a ‘dream bubble’ it represents the future of India as an information society and thought-leader. As a ‘cloud’ it represents technological ubiquity and innovation, and virtual technology – the future. Primary colours of the logo are Blue, representing a dependable, articulate communicator and Black representing firmness, authority, power and integrity, attributing COAI the leadership role. ”
Himanshu Kapania
Chairman of COAI (& CEO of Idea Cellular)
“The re-branding activity is a part of our effort to be abreast with the changing trends in technology and customer demands. The industry and the association have evolved over the years adapting to the global standards and best practices.”
COAI’s official press release