Identity Design and Website Development for iSPIRT

Over the last few years that has been a steady shift in the Indian software product companies who are giving their best brains to work on path breaking affordable products that can potentially serve millions of customers in India alone. Proliferation of mobile & smart phones, and a growing collaboration culture driven by social networks are only making things easier. It was absolutely the right time to launch an Indian Software product Round table (iSPIRT) on February 4, 2013, as the much needed think-tank of product technology in India, which believed that with focus, investment and encouragement the software product industry could become a multi-billion dollar force in the future.

Woodapple’s engagement with iSPIRT started right at the drawing board stage when the organization was setting itself up. The strength of the think-tank comes from the spirit of volunteerism, and keeping in that spirit we volunteered to design both its brand identity and website. The perfectly aligned twin wings in the iSPIRT logo signify this spirit of breaking free and soaring heavenward. It also demonstrates the great heights to which the software product industry has potential to grow.

We brainstormed on how the iSPIRT website would be designed and structured to represent the open organization and as a next step redesigned their blog (Productnation – India’s largest community of product companies) The brand identity was subsequently extended to other iSPIRT initiatives like inTech50 log a showcase platform for Indian product companies.