Matrix Cellular - Design, Technology & Marketing

One of India’s largest telecom solutions company that caters international SIM cards to an increasing large number of globetrotting Indians – business & leisure travelers, and students (about 15 million Indians travel abroad each year), found itself at the receiving end of its own success. Started in 1995, Matrix Cellular had become a household brand in the first ten years with increased visibility & quick adoption, enjoying a near monopoly in the market as a first mover. However, as numbers grew, customer handling became a bigger and bigger issue. The success of the brand and its ever increasing popularity meant that Matrix had to be ready for both fan adulation and brickbats that started mounting daily from youthful and increasingly vocal customers on digital platforms.

Woodapple's engagement with Matrix started with overhauling the brand website, improving its user experience and bringing it closer to its offline campaigns. A better looking website on a technically stronger platform secured the first step in consolidating its digital presence and making it future ready. The second phase involved helping build the Matrix online shop and redesigning the website's self-service sections.

As a next step we focused on optimizing the website for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, making sure that the Matrix website came right on top of user searches amidst rising threats from competitive websites. This involved targeting highly competitive keywords, ensuring search engine compliance, monitoring business critical keywords for site performance every day. Besides on page and off page optimization, content marketing, article writing, press releases marketing, we started tracking customer review sites, forums & blogs to understand who is saying what about the brand at any point. Despite aggressive and even unethical marketing tactics by competition, Matrix website surged ahead in rankings for nearly all critical keyword searches.

A very different kind of a challenge in the project, however, was getting to know the customer and making the brand available for engagement and feedback on social media platform. Especially on Facebook and Twitter. While Woodapple's strategy for Matrix's social media presence includes the feel-good destination centric, travel advice for Indians traveling abroad, it keeps a vigilant watch on customer issues and complaints. The latter is handled through priority escalation, prompt actions and case-to-case management to reiterate the brand's commitment to unparalleled customer service.

Event promotion, special offers, schemes and contests are some of the other numerous activities that are initiated time to time to explore new and exciting ways of engaging with customers, rewarding loyalty and inviting repeat customers.

With growing competition, Matrix wanted to reinvent itself as a larger travel solutions company with offerings like travel insurance, forex, travel merchandise, and flight bookings. It also meant a greater focus on ecommerce and automation. We helped them with UX & Visual Design for these new sites and pages. Especially for the flight bookings service that had features like single screen search result cum itinerary builder, focus on top airline results with best departing flights and combinations thereof, and simple one-click choice checkout.