With a footprint in over 66 countries, Newgen Software Technologies is a global provider of business solutions and has an impressive customer base from tops banks, governments and even some of the global Fortune 500 companies.

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Every visual element, information piece, and the site’s overall usability marked a categorical shift away from the old website transforming a long standing struggle to delightful digital experience.

Newgen Software Technologies

With a footprint in over 66 countries, Newgen Software Technologies is a global provider of business solutions with an impressive customer base that includes various top banks, government organizations and even some of the global Fortune 500 companies.

Woodapple collaborated with Newgen to help them understand their brand and refresh their existing website with a completely new and responsive design that resonates with their reputation of being a global brand.

Our team of marketers worked closely with the top management of Newgen to conduct careful research, planning, and implementation. We followed a three phased approach – discovery, design, and development. In the brand discovery phase, we interviewed the stakeholders including the founders, senior managers, and domain experts to understand Newgen's background story and business goals, so later we can align the user goals and the business goals for the website. We also analyzed Newgen's old website in terms of information architecture, design, usability, and functional aspects to come up with a better plan in resolving the issues.

Apart from this, we conducted a deep competitive analysis of the industry and its key players to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and to identify opportunities for improvements within Newgen's digital presence.

The brand discovery process for Newgen was designed to assess and treat overlooked areas within the business and to uncover the hidden gems of what the brand could be. The exercise also helped us to discover the perfect tagline for Newgen – 'Reinvent Your Workplace', that aptly describes Newgen's mission to transform businesses by innovatively connecting systems, processes, people & things.

With all this information and resources in hand, we moved on to our next phase, the design phase. Our team of visualizers came up with strategically designed information architecture with up to three levels deep navigation to reduce the clutter and create a clear and user-friendly structure for the new website. Earlier, Newgen had a traditional site with internally focused communication, which was more text-heavy, jargon-loaded, and spec-focused. Our content creators and editors worked with the brand to simplify the style and language of their conversation, so it is easy to comprehend by their audience and evoke emotion and appreciation for the brand.

Based on our discussion with the Newgen team and our findings, a wireframe was developed for the new site. The visual representation of user interfaces strategically defined the hierarchy of items on each page and sections based on user needs. The designs created for all the pages were subsequently converted into a responsive website. Every aspect of the digital presence, right from design, to content structure, and other templates were created to give a cohesive look that aligns with the firm's objective.