Petminded is a brand for pet lovers looking for pet-friendly destinations and curated activities. It helps the travelers to go that extra mile when it comes to staying connected or traveling with their pets.

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Woodapple helped create the look and feel of the brand, including its brand identity and the website. The major challenge for the project was to create a brand identity that’s evocative, memorable and speaks to the defined audience.

Woodapple’s identity development process typically involves a 3-phased approach- Discovery, Design, and Development. The first phase involves an extensive research process such as understanding the behaviors of the target audience, assessing the competitors, mapping the journey of the users; all these gathered information helps in creating a great user experience. To understand the market better, the founder, Sonali, did a web survey on her idea, and the results gave us some interesting insights that helped us shape the Petminded brand.

While planning a trip, there are dozens of details to worry about. And if pets are added to the mix, those details may begin to feel overwhelming. Despite moving closer to the mainstream in recent years, traveling with a pet remains a hassle. Petminded takes that burden off from the pet parents by helping them plan a customized and personalized trip according to the needs of them and their fur babies. From suggesting pet-friendly destinations and curated activities, shortlisting welcoming hotels to flight safety arrangements, or finding trusted sitters, Petminded helps the travelers go that extra mile when it comes to staying connected or traveling with their pets.

The logo that we created depicts the playful behavior of a dog, especially when they are on a leash while traveling around or simply heading out to the nearest park for a walk. The typography of the brand shows the brand’s sincerity and trustworthiness for the affluent. The principal colors, a shade of dark blue and straw yellow, indicates the thoughtfulness, understanding, caring, and emotional aspect of the brand. The well-thought series of custom icons and carefully chosen pictures of pets having a good time with their owners help bring the brand to life. The branding is a warm, friendly, and joyful, with a clean, clear design that conveys the brand’s trustworthiness and expertise.

The next phase involved developing a well-thought wireframe for various devices. The process also involved translating the wireframe into a rich interface with sketches of the identity/derivatives, establishing the identity (color, shape, and the meaning of the brand) extensions across media, especially social channels & mailers. The final phase was to develop a visually appealing, easy to use, and responsive website for the brand.

Petminded being a start-up, was to be initially handled by a small team. So, Sonali, having a strong background in technology herself, needed a solution that can help her manage the entire technology and website operation all by herself with ease. This meant setting up the site, the blog, and all its cloud-services, workflows, databases, CMS, form builder, newsletter system in that easy-to-use manner.

Woodapple also helped integrate and create branding ideas for the blog and social channels for Petminded. Apart from this, specific designs for the stationery package and merchandises, including bags, were also designed for future offline usage.