Seurata, a technology startup builds useful
applications like plugins, extensions, mobile
apps & more to help small-to-mid businesses
explore their full potential.

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Woodapple worked closely with
Seurata to create the digital identity
for the brand.

Seurata, a technology startup

Seurata, a technology startup began its operation in 2017 with an aim to help small-to-mid store owners explore the full potential of their businesses. From Plugins & Extensions, Mobile apps, Templates, and microservices, they design useful, little applications that deliver a big impact.

Woodapple worked closely with Seurata to create the digital identity for the brand. The identity centers around the idea of connecting the dots, which is the core behind everything Seurata does.

The identity’s key color is a vibrant, modern shade of magenta to encourage the sense of innovation, creativity, and universal harmony. The color palette relates to the Seurata’s idea of helping online business take control back in their hands, to innovate, and to remove all the constraints that affect the harmony of business processes and flow. Elegant and playful, the icon reflects the Seurata’s impeccable focus on delivering the best.

The brand identity of the app was later extended to Seurata’s website and other products developed by the team. The visual design created for each product (plugin, extension, mobile app) set itself apart, yet still, feel like part of the brand. All the individual pages have a hint of the branding but establish their own presence.

Our team helped shape the brand voice of Seurata, that can be seen in all sorts of content, from quick pieces to longer articles and blogs.