Editorial Services

The editorial services at Woodapple are aimed at getting clients to express themselves in engaging and creative ways. Each time we develop a website, we start a dialogue between the producer of the website and the user. Business owners and marketing managers are usually anxious to reach and talk to their target audiences, with a keen eye on what competition is saying or doing. The challenge in many ways is how to sound different while talking about similar products or services where differentiating proposition is still a challenge.

Editorial writing at Woodapple starts with discussions and interviews with business owners or senior marketing and communication professionals at the client’s end. It is a fact that more often than not people struggle to write what they talk about. Conversation always flows more freely over coffee and board room meetings, especially the ones with a nice view!  Structured write-ups addressing mandatory requirements for new media is a time consuming and skill oriented task. Writer’s block or a business owner’s anxiety, Woodapple’s messaging and editorial services are aimed at unlocking the flow of what resides at the core of the brand and its key producers to broadcast it to various stakeholders: customers, prospective candidates, media, shareholders and potential partners. If you’ve got something to say we’ll make sure the right person/audience gets to listen.