Hosting Services

Woodapple helps you establish and migrate to a cloud for the delivery of infrastructure as a service capability. For our client businesses, we help define their cloud roadmap, to then strategize and execute their migration to the cloud. We help them set the stage in a much more organized and disciplined manner so that they are able to take advantage of their new cloud-based solutions.

AWS cloud services

At Woodapple, we look forward to helping enterprises manage their AWS cloud. It is our belief that dedicating your valuable resources towards managing AWS on a day-to-day basis is taking your focus away from higher-value activities which could drive your business growth. You can rest easy on us to look after your cloud operations in a smart, seamless manner.

Microsoft Azure services

With Microsoft Azure, your business will have the freedom to build, manage, and deploy your applications anywhere.

We help you provide everything you need to build your next great solution and also trust the cloud to make your experiences more powerful, functional and fully controlled by you.

Azure offers database consistency with the common code base. It lets you achieve greater availability, flexibility, and scale through frictionless database migration that causes no code changes.

Dedicated Servers

Powerful Dedicated Hosting with Full root access

Woodapple makes sure the performance of a Dedicated server customer's website is stable and predictable. We provide you ultimate performance, security and control at every stage.

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