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Most applications in the marketplace (specially Android) have very low quality interfaces and usability. Creating a credible, trust-worthy and usable applications require good technology and design teams. An understanding of how people use their phones based on the native OS, how various apps interact with one another, how gestures and touch interfaces work, and various such factors would finally tailor the entire experience to create a quality application.

What makes us good
  • We try to keep applications small with minimal memory and processor footprint.
  • We avoid HTML frameworks and use native applications.
  • Data transmission size is very important, so we optimize, optimize, optimize!
  • Interaction speed is critical. If the user feels the load time - their experience steadily degrades.
  • Security is to be handled from the word go. No robust apps can ever ignore security.
  • We build a solid server application backing the application (as the case may be). Server failure leads to App failure - so it is an important piece in the ecosystem.
  • Use application insights. We make sure we know what is being used inside the application and how users are interacting, what is the response times the application!
  • Application testing is most critical - hence we test, test, test! We test for possible devices and with various ranges of data connection, capability, etc.
  • Handle exceptions & capture exceptions and report it back to a server so that bugs can be sorted out. Mobile applications are like a black box where, without this, debugging applications is impossible.
  • We keep the UI simple and standard but still innovate on design to make the application stand out.
  • Carefully use gestures to simplify interactions and yet not make interactions too complicated. We prefer that users experiment and hack their way through the application quickly.
  • Use gestures to simplify interactions and let users experiment and hack their way through the application
  • Handle varies resolutions and applications sizes seamlessly.
In short…

We like to keep things simple but still maintain quality and affordability. We always get the designers and usability consultants in at the beginning and get the mocks ready (thank you Balsamiq). Final application development starts only after everyone in the team has a clear sense of what the ultimate product would look like and how it will function. This helps in ironing out issues that would be costly to modify at a later date. We make each application special and unique in their look, experience and deliverability.

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Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.
Joe Sparano