Interaction Design

Interaction is at the core of the web experience and is the source of the power of the medium. Woodapple can help you harness this potential and increase the effectiveness of your digital presence. User interfaces do much more than just get your site visitors from A to B. They guide your visitors through your site/App and teach them the most effective ways to get what they want.

Woodapple has a strong foundation in design from the perspective of form following function. We understand the importance of expressing hierarchies of information through design cues, guiding users with subtle feedback and allowing them to easily retrace their steps when they achieve an unexpected result.

Your user interface is how your website or your device App interacts with your users. Improving this communication will enhance your users experience increasing the volume of successful transactions, increase the rate of customer retention and improve the perception of your products and brand.

If anybody here has trouble with the concept of design humility, reflect on this: It took us 5,000 years to put wheels on our luggage.
William McDonough