Publication Design

Even though, seen as traditional media, it still remains at the forefront of creative expression for many a designers. We agree. The feel of the printed word, the smell of the ink and the feel of a freshly minted paper, exhilaration of the printed type and typography, gloss (or matte) of the photographs (especially black and white)… nothing beats the excitement when this baby is delivered!

Publication design at Woodapple enjoys a special place. It stems from requests by our long term partners who love our design language and creative narrative across both digital and print. And with print and publication design process becoming more and more sophisticated and technology centric, we are practically using the same tools and design thinking as we use for our online projects. Moreover, it ensures that we have greater oversight over the corporate identity and design language of our customer's entire communication - whether internal or external.

We enjoy designing several bespoke calendars that involve concept ideations, research for copy and creative. Developing newsletters, danglers, banners and event standees for some our clients brings us closer to the organization’s brand expression internally to help them motivate and engage with employees. We absolutely adore Poster designs and crazy corporate T-shirts.

We love the print! Period.

Art is solving problems that cannot be formulated before they have been solved. The shaping of the question is part of the answer.
Piet Hein