User Research

Understanding the user, their aims in visiting your site or using your application, and their deeper needs is crucial in creating an effective experience and building a lasting relationship.

Understanding who your website or app serves helps you design an efficient experience for your users and create opportunities for you to present them with information that enhances and deepens your relationship.

There are many techniques used to gather such insights namely, use cases, surveys & focus groups, contextual interviews, site analytics & heat maps, heuristic evaluation and expert reviews. For more specialized needs like ecommerce sites, deeper insights can be gleaned by running Usability Tests i.e. quietly observing your users perform tasks to achieve pre-defined goals.

By analysing and interpreting one or more such data and by combining that with targeted customer demographics, we enable you to create clear paths to your interaction goals ensuring that your users' experience is positive and productive.

Once you know and understand your visitors you can interact with them effectively, efficiently and productively.

We can provide you with, a clear vision of who your visitors are and what they want from your site or software application.