User Generated Content Platform Management

User generated content platforms are extremely powerful platforms. They utilise a community to provide many benefits for the site above and beyond the content itself. They create a feeling of belonging in their contributors and a sense of connection between the members and visitors. User generated content sites can also be effective in leveraging the wisdom of crowds in the service of your business.

Focussing this power requires guidance for the community to ensure that the community retains its focus. This steering needs to respect the voluntary nature of the individual contributors encouraging them into behaviour that is of benefit to the site. Once established well, the community begins to define its standards through example, initiating these standards is a little like nurturing and pruning a tree.

Woodapple has extensive experience managing user generated content communities. From audio sharing to community knowledge resources, we have created vibrant communities. We believe it is vital to manage these communities as little as possible, encouraging beneficial contributions as exemplars and only enforcing community rules when necessary.

We can help you find and display the pearls of wisdom in your user generated content site and ensure that the flow of valuable content replenishes itself.

Social capital may turn out to be a prerequisite for, rather than a consequence of, effective computer-mediated communication.
Robert D. Putnam