Online Reputation Management

Social networks are a new and growing area with many conversations flowing in real time.

  • Twitter has passed 5 billion tweets
  • Facebook receives 45 million status updates a day
  • Lead generation

Some of these conversations are about you or issues relevant to your business.

Monitoring and sometimes participating in these conversations gives you valuable intelligence and an opportunity to engage with clients in an informal space. We can help you not only monitor these real-time conversations but also analyse trends from past posts and track the evolution of ideas and attitudes to your industry and your brand.

Woodapple will help you find the right solution for your company from providing reputation monitoring services to training and mentoring your employees to carry out this vital task in-house.

Just a few years ago this data and these means of engagement were things the business community craved. Now they are here and evolving all the time. We can guide you and help you learn how to gain both a voice and targeted ear in these emergent communities.

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