Social Media Marketing

Social media can be used as a powerful component of many different types of marketing campaign.

Social media can be effectively used for both long-term awareness building engagement and finite-term brand launch campaigns. Woodapple will help you add a powerful social component to your marketing. We can use our knowledge of online networks and websites to help you effectively integrate this powerful tool.

One of the most powerful aspects of social networks is the potential for the reach of your marketing message to expand exponentially through social sharing. Only 14% of people trust advertisements yet 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers (Neilsen, Trust in Advertising, Oct. 2007). Social media has the power to change your broadcast into a peer recommendation through network sharing.

In order to harness this potential it is vital that your marketing message is easy and desirable to share. We will help you shape messages that will draw on the power of sharing by tailoring your message to the networks that will most effectively spread your message.

We can also create microsites to augment your campaign and to aggregate your campaigns from multiple social sites. When combined with offline marketing using a social media friendly message this approach can be exceptionally powerful. We speak the language of social networks and can help you form messages that will gather in the power of this medium.

Whatever your marketing aims are, we can help you devise campaigns for social media only and introduce a powerful social component into broader campaigns.

We can help you make the most of this social space through effective engagement. You can still have goals but the path to achieving them is a little different. We can guide you in finding or hiring the right people to spread your message in this conversational space, guiding them in how to guide the currents of conversation to the areas that will have the most benefit to your business.

The point is not how we use a tool, but how it uses us.
Nick Joaquín