Social Media Strategy

Social networks are tools. Participation in these networks is not an end in itself. Intelligent participation can help you to achieve specific goals that will bring tangible benefits to your business. These goals and benefits will depend on your business. Woodapple can help you understand the potential of this activity as an integrated part of your company.

What will you create a presence?

Different networks reach different demographics and have different styles to them. We will help you find the networks that will most effectively further your goals. Entering into social media has cost implications so it is important to make the optimum use of your resources. Ensuring that you focus on the networks that will help you reach your targets is an important way of valuing your social media investment.

Who will perform the work?

As a new forum social media does not fit neatly into traditional business departments. Some of it is PR, some is sales, some is customer service, some is HR and some is IT. To get the most out of your social media use someone needs to coordinate functional aims and ensure that this tool is used effectively.

We can help you find a way to give all the departments in your company that can benefit from it, access to the benefits of these networks. By integrating this work with your existing culture we can help you run a social media campaigns effectively and efficiently.

What will you say?

Social networks have a different dynamic to most existing business communication. They are conversational so press releases and advertisements are not well received. This is not a space for "do-not-reply" emails. People want to engage in discussion with you.

We can help you make the most of this social space through effective engagement. You can still have goals but the path to achieving them is a little different. We can guide you in finding or hiring the right people to spread your message in this conversational space, guiding them in how to guide the currents of conversation to the areas that will have the most benefit to your business.

What will you be able to achieve and how will you measure success?

It is easy to get distracted by the straightforward numbers of social media, but most businesses need a more substantial return on their investment than followers, comments or "likes". We can help you create a social media strategy that will further your business goals and open up new horizons for you. We will incorporate methods for measuring that success so that you can be assured your investment is working for you.